Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to get my fire extinguisher’s checked every year, even when the needle says that it is recharged?

A: Even if your extinguisher is reading that it is recharged, it still needs to be inspected every year to ensure that the ingredients remain loose, that there are no blockages in the hoses and that the seals will break easy when needed.

Q: I used my extinguisher just a little bit. Does it still need to be recharged?

A: Yes. When any amount of pressure is released from the extinguisher, this activates the nitrogen content and it will slowly leak out, and your extinguisher will not be effective when you need it in the future.

Q: Why does my fire extinguisher have to be in such an obtrusive location? Don’t they make them in colours other than red?

A: The Ontario Fire Code dictates the placement and colour of the fire extinguishers so that they are immediately accessible to extinguish a fire. Extinguishers need to be hung in a clear, visible and unobstructed location. They cannot be left on the ground, or used as door-stoppers.

Q: How do you use a fire extinguisher?

A: Pull the pin. Aim at the base of the flame. Squeeze the handles. Move the hose using a sweeping motion.